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The Bloomington Star is a website that provides local news, local opinions, as well as state and national news. We are dedicated in publishing real and accurate news for the people of Bloomington and the surrounding areas.

Apart from the traditional modes of reporting, we decided to adopt new media technologies that will present the news-hungry and tech-savvy consumer content (reports, essays, analytical pieces, commentaries, etc.) that are both viewable and accessible, thanks to fun formats such as info-graphics, interactive applications and audio-visual media.

Apart from being hardcore journalists, we are also a close-knit and witty bunch of people who love to welcome others with similar interests.

The Bloomington Star is a modern news platform, powered by community sourced content and augmented with directed coverage. Bring your news, your perspective and your spark to The Bloomington Star and take your seat at the table.

Our mission is to remain what we are with improving the model we created for our business.