Johnson County, Indiana – One Johnson County community has the best vaccination rates in the state and one of the best nationwide.

Needham Township, small farm town in Johnson County, has vaccination rate of amazing 73.1%! To be more exact, 212 people, 12 or older, out of 290 eligible for vaccination are fully vaccinated.

For comparison, 49.9% of Johnson County residents who are 12 or older are fully vaccinated.

One resident that has moved with his wife and children five years ago to this place say that all members of his family are fully vaccinated. They moved from southside Indianapolis and they are happy to be part of this small community.

“It’s just something I wanted to do to stay safe,” Roy Fairbanks said.

Fairbanks said he is very proud of his neighbors and other people living in the area. According to him, everyone he knows is fully vaccinated in Needham. Seeing such a high vaccination rates, makes everyone in the town feel safe.

“It’s neat. It’s neat because it’s a small little town,” Fairbanks said.

The second-best vaccination rates in the county have the city of Greenwood. According to the latest Covid-19 data, 57.9% of people 12 years and older fully vaccinated against the virus in Greenwood.

It will surely take a while before other cities and towns reach these high numbers especially Needham Township.

“Definitely noticed that the people that we’re vaccinating has slowed down,” Emaleigh Polley, who administers vaccines at the Johnson County’s Compass Park clinic said.

But, there is one group that they have seen more of recently.

“Since school is out now and we have Pfizer which is 12 and up there have been more teenagers,” Caleb Fleener, an administrator for the Johnson County Health Department said.

According to the latest reports, more and more teenagers are coming in the clinics to receive their shots as the Pfizer vaccine was approved for everyone 12 and older.