INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — On Thursday, the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus and 31 leaders from across he state endorsed Joe Biden for President of the United States.

The full list of Indiana leaders endorsing Biden includes:

  • The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus
  • Lee Hamilton, former Member of Congress from Bloomington
  • Tim Lanane, Indiana State Senate Minority Leader from Anderson
  • Phil GiaQuinta, Indiana State House Democratic Leader from Fort Wayne
  • Cordelia Lewis Burks, Vice Chairwoman of the Indiana Democratic Party from Indianapolis
  • Kathy Davis, former Lieutenant Governor of Indiana
  • Edward DeLaney, Indiana State Representative from Indianapolis
  • Vanessa Summers, Indiana State Representative from Indianapolis
  • Carey Hamilton, Indiana State Representative from Indianapolis
  • John Bartlett, Indiana State Representative from Indianapolis
  • Robin Shackleford, Indiana State Representative from Indianapolis
  • Matt Pierce, Indiana State Representative from Bloomington
  • Terry Goodin, Indiana State Representative from Austin
  • Chris Chyung, Indiana State Representative from Dyer
  • Pat Boy, Indiana State Representative from Michigan City
  • Carolyn Jackson, Indiana State Representative from Hammond
  • Vernon Smith, Indiana State Representative from Gary
  • Sheila Klinker, Indiana State Representative from Lafayette
  • Sue Errington, Indiana State Representative from Muncie
  • Ryan Hatfield, Indiana State Representative from Evansville
  • Earl Harris Jr., Indiana State Representative from East Chicago
  • B. Patrick Bauer, Indiana State Representative from South Bend
  • David Niezgodski, Indiana State Senator from South Bend
  • Vop Osili, President of the Indianapolis City Council
  • Christina Hale, former State Representative from Indianapolis
  • John Gregg, former Speaker of the Indiana House
  • Derek Camp, President of the Indiana Young Democrats
  • Elise Shrock, President of the Indiana Democrats Latino Caucus
  • Kip Tew, former Indiana Democratic Party Chair and Obama for America Indiana Chair
  • Ann DeLaney, former Indiana Democratic Party Chair
  • Daniel Parker, former Indiana Democratic Party Chair
  • Josh Owens, former Indiana Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Throughout his public life, Joe Biden has been a voice for the little guy and working-class Americans. As our country looks to recover from this pandemic, there’s nobody better to lead us than Joe Biden. He’s steered us through an economic recovery before and will work tirelessly to make sure our economy works for all Americans – not just those at the top. Joe also has the experience on the global stage that our country desperately needs to restore our standing in the world. Joe has a bold vision for the future, and I’m proud to support him as we look to beat Donald Trump in November.


I’m proud to support Joe Biden for president because Joe’s values are Hoosier values. Joe knows what it means to struggle to get by. Growing up as part of a working-class family in Scranton, Joe learned that a job was about a lot more than a paycheck. He knows that we need to do more to ensure that working men and women can provide for their families and live the American Dream. After four years of chaos from Donald Trump, I know Joe will provide the strong, steady leadership our country needs.


When the American auto industry was on the brink of collapse, it was Barack Obama and Joe Biden who were there to rescue millions of jobs across the country and right here in Indiana. Now, we need a president who values the dignity of work and that work ethic that makes the Hoosier state great. Joe also knows that access to affordable healthcare should be a right in this country – not just a privilege for the few. I know Joe has what it takes to beat Donald Trump and am proud to offer him my support.


I’m supporting Joe Biden because I know him and he knows us. I supported Joe Biden even before he announced his campaign, because after four divisive years of Donald Trump, there’s no one more prepared than Joe to bring our country together and confront the immense challenges ahead of us. Joe knows more than anybody what it takes to bring our economy back from a recession. He can restore our standing in the world and command respect from our allies. And Joe will also fight to protect Social Security and Medicare from partisan attacks – working to grow our social safety net, not shrink it. Joe is a man of empathy and character, and I look forward to working with my fellow Hoosiers to elect him as President of the United States.


Biden for President has previously announced support from prominent Indiana leaders including Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Congressman Pete Visclosky and former Senator Joe Donnelly.