The hearing officer in Attorney General Curtis Hill’s disciplinary case says the Republican official’s law license should be suspended for 60 days.

Hill is accused of groping four women at a party in March 2018.

The Indiana Disciplinary Commission filed a complaint last year. And after a four-day hearing in October – and months of briefs and deliberations – hearing officer Myra Selby issued her recommendation.

Selby said Hill’s conduct was “offense, invasive, damaging and embarrassing” to the four alleged victims, Gabrielle Brock, Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon (D-Munster), Niki DaSilva and Samantha Lozano.

Selby also said Hill offered no assurance he won’t repeat his behavior and that he “appears more concerned with his political and professional reputation than with addressing the charges.”

She also wrote that Hill took part in a “long, orchestrated campaign to defend himself” that she said used “incendiary language” to try to discredit the women’s allegations and motivations. Selby’s report said the evidence also makes clear that Hill did nothing to urge his team to “exercise caution or show respect toward the women, nor did he express concern about any potential impact his response may have on them.”

Hill denies all the accusations against him.

The report is not the end of the case. Both sides can file petitions for the Indiana Supreme Court to review it and the proposed sanction. That process can take a couple months. The Court then issues a final decision.