COLUMBUS, Ind. — A Bloomington man faces several charges after a crash killed a Columbus man in early December.

Nathan Morrow was formally charged Friday in connection with a crash that took 58-year-old Richard Walters’ life. Police say Morrow was driving west on State Road 46 when he crossed the center median, hitting Richard’s vehicle head-on.

Court documents state Morrow was combative with officers responding to the crash, screaming at them and getting aggressive. Officers ended up handcuffing Morrow to retrain him until he was transported to the hospital for treatment and a blood draw. The blood test showed that Morrow tested positive for several schedule I and schedule II drugs.

One of the officers investigating the crash returned to the vehicle and the document states he saw a capsule sticking to the door, some of its contents spilling out. The officer claims the capsule was oxycodone. Searching the car, the officer says he found a glass pipe with burnt residue associated with smoking marijuana, a large clear bag containing two smaller clear bags each containing what smelled and looked like marijuana and a tied, blue rubber glove containing three pills that matched the one on the door.

Reconstruction officers say a normal driver would have noticed the jolt to the vehicle as it hit the curb that Morrow’s vehicle went over. The officer states it would take effort to drive over the curb, stay on the median and drive back down on the other side. In the eight seconds before the crash, the document states the officer found evidence indicating that Morrow never hit the break.

Morrow was charged with reckless homicide, causing death when operating a vehicle while intoxicated, possession of a narcotic drug, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.